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Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

What people are saying about Amanda


"My lifelong friend Amanda McDaniel is a Marriage and Family Therapist at  Therapy in Faith. I've known Amanda to always be kind, compassionate,  ethical, and genuinely concerned about the welfare and care of others.  She believes in what Therapy in Faith tries to accomplish by  strengthening and building up lives, while meeting her client right  where he/she is in life's unexpected struggles. Amanda's own challenging  life experiences make her an authentic and empathic soul. Plus, her  southern charm is an addition to the exemplary work she strives to  champion."  by Angela E. 

 "Amanda is one who not only possess the skill set and heart for people, but she embodies the true meaning of a therapist through empathy, sincerity, authenticity, being completely present with her clients, meeting people exactly where they are, and walking alongside her clients allowing them to be the driver of their experience. If one is looking for a therapist that is quite personable and provides complete care, Amanda is the one! I have known her for years as a colleague and have watched her from the very beginning. Amazing gift she is and has!" by Joshua L. 

"In thinking about my dear friend Amanda, when I first met her as a  co-worker 10  1/2 years ago I thought... Goldie Hawn.  Behind those big  blue eyes and blonde hair is a highly intelligent, analytical, soulful  woman, very down to earth - as is Goldie Hawn when off the screen.

Amanda  is compassionate, sweet and kind --but don't mistake that for weakness.   She is an unusually strong woman.  Over the years I've witnessed the  tremendous amount of fortitude she possesses facing and overcoming  challenges which I believe could only be accomplished because of her  deep faith and trust in God.  The courage and perseverance she's  demonstrated have been empowering and inspirational.  And when we have  our talks it renews my spirit, and reinforces and strengthens my own  faith and connection with God.  

The experiences she has walked  through I believe have increased her insight into people, deepened her  ability to empathize and be understanding of why people do what they do  and enabled her to learn and therefore be better able to help others  facing their own Mount Everests.  

Amanda is also distinctly  authentic, openly honest, has the courage to speak her truth, stand up  for what she believes in and for what is fair and just, no matter the  consequences, because God is her net.

Something that always  struck me about her is her gift with communication.   She possesses  excellent social skills and graces that give her the ability to speak  her mind and, if need be, be boldly assertive in a way that is gentle  and able to be received and heard by others.   At the same time she's a  uniquely excellent listener - she gives her full attention and remains  very aware and sensitive to the other person.  She genuinely cares to  understand completely and in totality what's on your mind, heart and  soul.  Amanda truly cares to make an effort to stand in your shoes and  see things from your and other's perspectives.  Also, she's very  conscientious with being respectful and thoughtful when expressing her  thoughts to you and making sure she's expressed herself clearly.  

On  another note, she's a great problem solver.  Being very creative I  think adds to her ability to find solutions to problems.   Having a  knack for organization and being self-disciplined, she sets her goals  and actively takes the steps necessary to meet them-- which has been  admirable to see.  Just one example - I've never seen anyone who has  moved into a new home, and orchestrated unpacking, decorating and  hanging up pictures all within only the first two or three weeks of  living there!  She is not one to procrastinate.  

Lastly, she  also has experience in adoption issues which give her a unique insight  and deeper level of understanding in that area.  What is also unique to  her experience is having worked many years in the entertainment industry  being an accomplished entertainer herself.

Amanda is warm and  friendly.  Helping people is something she's passionate about I think  because she authentically cares about others and their needs.  And when  thinking about Amanda, I have to mention her Southern charm and social  graces are engaging.  

So, in reflecting about my friendship over  the years with Amanda, these were some of the things that stood out to  me as to how her path led her to becoming a Marriage and Family  counselor.  Aside from all that she's raised two wonderful, beloved  children, been a great role model for them, a pillar of strength  alongside her husband, and is a very talented singer and pianist."  by Joy Y.