Premarital Counseling Special $100.00 per session for six sessions!

Amanda McDaniel, M.A., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Attachment Theory

Couples need a safe, secure attachment in order to feel loved, cared for and emotionally engaged. We help couples look at new ways of understanding their unhealthy communication cycles that will lead to more compassion and empathy, and an eventual bond of safety and attachment.  


We teach couples how to communicate using active listening techniques, creating a safe space to be heard and listened to. Specific exercises of attunement can start to bring awareness and harmony into the relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Many people think that conflict is bad and should avoided at all cost. However, there can be healthy conflict. We help a couple move through the conflict while learning the lessons inherent. Injury can often  lead to repair, growth, and an even deeper meaning of relationship.